No One Left Behind

No one left behind.

We didn’t intend for this to be our working motto for 2020, but it certainly has been.

Admittedly, we are unique in that our work frequently requires us to respond to crisis. So when a global pandemic led to a lock down of schools, businesses and services this past March, our work here at Duffy Health Center didn’t stop – we simply responded to the crisis. Our staff stepped up without missing a beat to ensure not a single person in our care was left on their own.

We decided to keep connected to our patients telephonically before health insurance companies decided to reimburse for telehealth. We did this because those in our care are some of our most medically complex and vulnerable neighbors. When it came to ensuring that they had uninterrupted care, we didn’t hesitate – we just did it, because that’s what we do. In the face of the pandemic we launched:

  • a food program to make sure unsheltered people have access to 3 meals a day
  • a shower program to ensure that people who are on the streets or in the woods have access to basic sanitation
  • a hotel quarantine program so that those experiencing homelessness have somewhere safe to go if they were exposed to or suspected of contracting COVID-19
  • a transition of clinical programs to virtual formats so patients can continue their path to a cure for Hepatitis C or receive care for their diabetes.

All of this, in addition to our primary care, behavioral health, recovery support, substance use disorder and case management services that DID NOT STOP because of COVID. On the other side of this letter, you’ll see the story of our work during this time. I’m so proud to see our work displayed in this way - it’s impressive, and it demonstrates the commitment of our staff to ensure no person in our community was left behind. In fact, our emergency response services attracted many unsheltered homeless who were not previously engaged in our services. We were there to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.

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