Monitor a local herring run by counting the fish as they climb to their freshwater spawning grounds. The commitment is small (as little as one-half hour each week). You will help provide much needed data on this once historically abundant, but now declining fish. The program runs from April to June.

Small groups are organized throughout the year to survey and mark HCT land boundaries. Help us monitor or maintain properties by visiting nearby sites to evaluate or address stewardship needs.

Volunteers are needed for regularly scheduled trailwork, invasive plant removal, and property clean-up. Grab your favorite loppers or borrow one of ours and join us! Individual projects are also available.

From planning in advance, to support the day of, volunteers make sure that educational and fundraising events continue to grow and reach new people across the Cape.

Donate gently used clothing, high quality furniture, and household items

The Thrift Shop relies heavily on volunteers to help the store operate. Duties could include: pricing inventory, organizing donations, sorting books, and rearranging shelving. All ages and abilities welcome. Volunteering at the Thrift Shop is a great opportunity for parents and school aged children to volunteer as a team! Portuguese speakers are always welcomed and…

Here at the Happy Hope Factory Volunteers are needed to help count, craft, and create the various components of our Happy Hope Bag activities that are then shipped to volunteer teams nationwide for assembly.

Volunteers locate and monitor assigned nesting locations throughout Dennis. Volunteers record data about the nesting locations, the physical conditions of the structures, and nesting success. By monitoring Ospreys, we can ensure their conservation and protection, as well as identify structures that may need repairs or replacing. Please contact Tyler Maikath, the DCLT Outreach and Stewardship…

Twice a month, DCLT holds a property clean-up project. DCLT asks that volunteers bring loppers or pruning shears, gloves, and wear reasonable clothes. Tasks include litter clean-up, trimming back plant growth, and maintaining trails. Please contact Tyler Maikath, the DCLT Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator, at [email protected] for more information.